The PlanetaryPy Project is a community effort to develop a core package for planetary science in Python and foster interoperability between Python planetary science packages.

If you're a Python user, we have a listing of PlanetaryPy Affiliated Packages that show good coding practices and good community practices. We're also working on developing a core planetarypy library. The OpenPlanetary python Slack channel is a great place to engage with a community of other planetary Python users.

If you're a Python developer looking for ways to contribute to the planetary sciences, please consider investigating our Affiliated Packages, and working on their Issues, you'll find all of them welcoming of new contributions.

If you're a Python developer with an existing package that you think others would benefit from, whether you've already released it or not, please consider applying to be an Affiliated Package.

If you're new to open source collaboration on GitHub, we recommend the "How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub" video guide (~40 mins) or practice your first pull request on the plutopy repository (~10 mins).

For more information about the PlanetaryPy Project, Michael Aye gave a talk and the slides are available.